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About Us

We are a New Zealand bakery producing only gluten-free products, available throughout the Wellington region and now online.We previously owned a bakery in central Wellington (Panama St.) for eleven years, and developed these products there in response to demand from our customers.

Our gluten-free products are very popular with sufferers of Coeliac's disease and those with an intolerance to gluten, not only are they delicious but you can enjoy them in the knowledge that:

  • Our bakery is a completely dedicated gluten-free operation, meaning there is no chance of cross contamination
  • We have a fully certified Deemed Food Control Plan, as administered by the Ministry of Primary Industries
  • Our products have been tested for gluten by approved laboratory 'Eurofins' and have been found to have less than 3 parts per million.

We welcome enquiry about our operation and products and are always on hand to assist please Contact us to find out more or to give us your feedback!

Tony and Wendy

Wendy and Tony